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    Custom Peptide Catalog
    ZPC provides more than 1400 Catalog Peptide 
    Peptide is our business,
    Cosmetic peptide synthesis.
    We are peptide systhesizer from China.
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    GMP peptide APIs
    Custom Peptide & Cosmetic Peptides
    We major in peptide manufacturing,
    cGMP and ISO9000 certificating.
    We only do peptides.

Peptide Solution from ZPC

GMP Peptide Synthesis

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ZPC is your trusted provider of high-quality peptides to researchers and pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

Catalog Peptide

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ZPC offers over 2000 high purity catalog peptide products in quantities suitable for research applications.

Cosmetic Peptide Synthesis

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ZPC is committed to the production of safe, stable and efficient cosmetic peptide ingredients.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

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ZPC is experienced to offer high quality peptides directly to the researcher, in an effort to provide the best value in the peptide.



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