Peptide Services

1.ZPC in strict accordance with cGMP standards Production ,generic peptide APIs complied with USP and EP standard.

2.Offer a variety of raw materials patented contract custom production ,CRO&CMO service.

3.Provide peptide project joint declaration ,lab scale verification ,process validation and other services.

4.Provides peptide customization ,peptide synthesis and peptide modification services.

5.Offer generic peptide API impurities and intermediates.

6.Provides Cosmetic Peptide Ingredients-Beauty Peptide

7.Provides Protected amino acid

8.Research to commercial scale quantities

9.From mg to grams

10.Non-GMP to GMP quality

11.Short peptides to small synthetic proteins

12.Peptides to peptidomimetics to complex organic molecules

13. Solution phase peptide synthesis and solid phase peptide synthesis, using Fmoc or Boc chemistries.